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"Deciding who to leave my dog with was a difficult task until I met Nancy with OvernightDog. The level of personalized care that Nancy provides is immeasurable. Nancy genuinely cares for your pet as if it were her own. My dog loves to go to Nancy's for boarding and seems to not want to leave when it is time to pick up.

I recommend OvernightDog to anyone looking for a dedicated and trusting environment for their pet."
— Karl (owner, German Short-haired Pointer)

"Since my dog has been going to Nancy's she has become much more socialized and is no longer afraid of other dogs. Nancy's home is like a second home for her and she leaps out of the car when we arrive."
--Ellen (owner, English Cocker Spaniel)

"We all know that finding the right place for an overnight or short term stay is difficult and stressful. Nancy is a great option and for us the perfect solution. Our Golden returns home happy and relaxed, Nancy is a pleasure to deal with. I don't hesitate to recommend her."
— Marc (owner, Golden Retriever)

"Now that Lily has found a home-away-from-home at Nancy's, we have the freedom to travel without worrying. Lily is always enthusiastic to see Nancy and obviously loves Sutter and the other friends she makes at OvernightDog. I recommend Nancy's care to everyone. One time Lily got sick while we were away, and Nancy took amazing care of her, including extra trips to the vet and keeping us informed of what was happening. We are grateful to have Nancy in our and Lily's lives."
— Lisa (owner, 13" Beagle)

"When I first started looking for a good place for my dog while I went out of town, I knew I wanted something as close to being in our own home as possible. When I first met Nancy, I knew I had found it. My dog is one of the family at OvernightDog where he has a real home and yard, other dogs to play with, visits to the dog park and evenings curled up with friends. Nancy is so knowledgeable and conscientious that I trust her completely. She even sends photos and videos to keep in touch. I recommend OvernightDog without hesitation!"
— Sarah (Owner, Black Lab)

"Nancy Hamilton is a great dog sitter and I highly recommend using her. The dogs will stay with her in her comfortable home and receive a great deal of attention, love, and care. She provides dispatches (quick emails) to owners while they are away with cute photos just so you know all is well. Our dogs are particularly attached to us, but we know they love Nancy and are happy in her home."
— Josiah H (owner of 2 Boston Terriers)

It has been such a boon to discover this service right in my neighborhood. Matty has stayed with Nancy several times and always seems eager as he runs up to her door. We especially enjoy the photos and video she sends us of Matty and the doggy posse. He is an active little,dog and very vocal, but Nancy is very patient with him and seems to enjoy his personality. We also really appreciate that he has been able to have brief day time visits on fairly short notice: sometimes something comes up and we are gone for many hours, but Matty is safe and having fun at Nancy's.
— Judith (owner of wire-haired min. dachshund)

Nancy is great with my pugs, I never worry about them when I am away. They get excited when we see Nancy at the dog park and can't wait to get in her house when I drop them off. These signs let me know that they are completely comfortable and well cared for by her.
— Samantha (owner of two Pugs)

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