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Reflective Collars for night use

These recommended reflectors are actually cyclists' arm bands (about $16.00):
from Rei.com

This is reflective tape - cut it yourself to fit your dog (About $10):
from REI.com

Quick Release Dog Collar

It's very important that your dog's collar be easily removed without unbuckling it. Bill, one of our local Palo Alto animal control officers, told me his sad story of losing his dog because while playing, another dog got his teeth tangled in Bill's dog's collar. It was choking his dog, but there was no way to get it undone or the other dog unstuck. His dog strangled.

Break-Away Collar

There is an even better collar which will "break away" on it's own if you are not home or fast enough to intervene. The leash snaps through the two hoops, so it's safe while on leash:

The same thing might apply to prong collars and choke collars. Remove them at the dog park or whenever your dog is playing with other dogs.
From PetSmart

Dog Tag Bagtags:

Everyone Hates Tag Noise! Light sleepers, sleeping babies, bird hunters, joggers, service dog owners and dogs!

Quiet Tag Features:

    Installs in seconds without tools, and features a genuine 3M Scotchlite reflective logo for safer walking after dark.
  1. Completely weatherproof, Neoprene gear designed to be left on your dog year-round, 24-7. And there are no snaps to rust, unlike some of the 'collar wallets' currently on the market.
  2. Easily enclose 3, 4 or more tags in Quiet Spot!
  3. Tag Noise attracts unwanted attention from other dogs. The reason yard dogs charge the fence and bark at you is because they can hear your dog's tags!
  4. Keeps the information from wearing off your dog's ID tags, so you don't need to buy new tags every year. It pays for itself!
  5. Made in the U.S.A.

Want to stop other dogs barking when you and your dog walk by? Try one of these "tag bags." They keep dog tags from rattling toether. They are also handy if your pet makes noise at night; jangling around the house, or clanging on his water bowl.

These are two sources we found for hand made tagbags (you can probably find more):

Hand made dog tag silencer from Etsy.com>

Long Leather Works


Please click here to see a photo chronicle of his puppyhood.


We wanted to save Sutter's shoulders and hips from strain jumping into and out of our Jeep, so we got a TWISTEP. It attaches to a trailer hitch at the back of the car, slides under it when not in use, and probivides a sturdy step from the street into the car. Sutter loved it! (we had to buy and install a trailer hitch, but it was well worth it). So much easier than dealing with heavy bulky stairs or bouncy ramps. Only sold online.


Instead of sliding under your SUV or Jeep when not in use, this device inserts into your trailer-hitch only when you need it. Very lightweight, and takes up little room in your car. Sold only online I believe.

Your dog will greatly appreciate either of the above "loading" aids, and it will save his/her joints in the long run. OTTOSTEP


Some experienced dog trainers know that a prong (pinch) collar, fitted properly can save an aggressive or overly zealous dog from yanking out of your control, getting into fights, running away, or possibly hurting another dog or human.

Unfortunately, sometimes improperly fitted prong/pinch chains fail. There are a few solutions to this, and we recommend:

These leather two-headed-leashes can be found at: leerburg.com


We know lots of folks think Prong or "Pinch" collars are dangerous. Most dogs won't pull on the leash with more gentle remedies: halters, gentle leaders, etc. However, some dogs are too stubborn for those methods. Prong collars don't hurt the dog. The "prongs" are not sharp. They act like the teeth of the alpha dog in a wild pack, putting a little pressure on the beta dogs meaning "pay attention."

So, if you have a large dog who is otherwise uncontrollable, the prong collar might be right for you and your dog. Note: these collars can fail. The links can come apart, leaving your dog free to run into traffic. So, we developed the Prong Collar Safety Chain.

Follow this link only if you want to see a photo and make your own:
Prong Coller Safety Chain.

More to come soon. Send us your safety tips and devices!


Silver Morning's Pet Nail Clinic

For this area, Monica practices at Pet Food Depot. She uses a dremel versus a nail clipper to assure a smooth cut and shape. Dogs (especially big ones) like it much better than clipping. She may clip too, you'll need to ask her.

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