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OvernightDog is dedicated to the temporary safe care, feeding and exercise of pets, and the peace of mind of their owners.

Your dog must be older than one year, friendly, house broken, neutered, and no escape artists or diggers please! I never kennel dogs, and only use crates if they come with the dog. We have a large back yard with a doggie door. If you have an older dog who needs peace and quiet that's OK too.

Limit is two or three dogs boarding at one time, and an interview with all of us well before boarding time is necessary.

Larger dogs are carefully screened to make sure they are compatible with small dogs like our 13 lb. Maltipoo. More about her to come...

Your dog will be treated as one of the family, and cared for with love. I have experience giving meds., including insulin shots. You will provide food for your dog, as it's not wise to change his/her diet too quickly.


Click her photo to read more about our new dog Cassie.

(We have a list of folks who can serve your needs if we can't)

"Every pet deserves the best of our
love and care
during his or her short time with us."

(We have a list of folks who can serve your needs if we can't)

Click on photo of Dolly to view more portraits by Mike Hamilton.

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